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”Nothing” but there is “Something”

“Kearney” is one of the small towns that consisted of a university.
A university consists of students.
All students are from different cities, states, and countries have different cultures and languages.
There is “Nothing”, but there is “Something”.
They came here to find “Something” with one belief.

”Kearney” will be another “Hometown” through 4 years that is an enormous amount of time.
The enormous amount of “Time” turns into “Something”
that cannot be changed into anything, and becomes your memory.
This “Something” will be “Record”
when your parents and friends want to know about UNK and Kearney.
No Reason. Just wanna go home. Just wanna be there.
That is the real “Hometown”.

5 years, 10 years, 30 years later, or until just before dying, your “Memory”
that is clearly imprinted change into “Record”.
No fashion, No decoration.
This is a media that your record, memory, and people will connect with each other.
The 308’s and my goal is the value will never change that even after 85 years,
like Ansel Adams photo.

One year after the beginning of hell, people have overcome “Bug” and “Crown” hopefully.
All about Kearney, all about you, all about emotions, and all about five senses in this one book.
And this book will be one page of UNK’s new history.
I prove that this land is hell and heaven for people in this photobook 308.




Ansel Adamsの写真の様に85年経っても決して変わることのない写真へ。



by | Feb 1, 2021

#04 – Focus on “Something” / テーマの”何か”に着目する。

#04 – Focus on “Something” / テーマの”何か”に着目する。

The main theme of this Photobook 308 is “Nothing “, but there is” Something”. In this #4 post, I will explain in detail about “Something” of this main theme. Nebraska, where I live, has 1.9 million people living in about the same area as the Czech Republic, and Kearney, the city I live in, is a very small city with only 30,000 people. There are no public transports such as buses, trains, or Uber. There are two planes to Denver and Chicago and only a few taxis, so Kearney is ……..