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The main theme of this Photobook 308 is “Nothing “, but there is” Something”. In this #4 post, I will explain in detail about “Something” of this main theme. Nebraska, where I live, has 1.9 million people living in about the same area as the Czech Republic, and Kearney, the city I live in, is a very small city with only 30,000 people. There are no public transports such as buses, trains, or Uber. There are two planes to Denver and Chicago and only a few taxis, so Kearney is ……..

“Seriously nothing.”


Kearney consists of the University of Nebraska at Kearney (known as UNK). Then, I have a point why students from all over the United States and all over the world are studying at a university in such an empty city. The answer is…

“People wanna find each different “Something”


There are various purposes of studying at the university such as culture, culture, and exchange, and they are not same at all, so people came here to find different “Something”. I will try to put all “Something” in this Photobook 308.

このPhotobook 308でのメインテーマは「”Nothing”, but there is “Something”」です。日本語に直訳すると「何もないところに”何か”がある」と言う訳になります。今回はこのメインテーマの”何か”ついて詳しく説明します。私の住んでいるネブラスカ州はチェコとほぼ同じくらいの面積に190万人が住んでおり、私が住んでいる街カーニーは3万人しか住んでいないとても小さな街です。バスや電車、ウーバーなどの公共交通機関はなく、飛行機はデンバーとシカゴ行きの2本でタクシーは数台しか走っていないです。当然こんな街、いやそもそもネブラスカ州を知ってる人がまず少ないですし、カーニーなんて知ってる人はほぼ0に近いと思います。そんなカーニーに一体何があるのかというと、、、、







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